Undoubtedly, considerable effort has been made towards turning Mainland into a city fit for the future. The reality however is that the progress we have achieved so far, mainly thanks to the hard work and dedication of thousands of individuals, often working in groups, sometimes working alone, has only served to reveal just how far we still have to travel to achieve the goal of making Mainland a truly sustainable community.  This manifesto marks my contribution towards starting that journey.

While cautiously not making undeliverable promises, this document is a pragmatic and realistic assessment of what can be done, and how it can be done. It is focused on the art of possibility and recognises that those possibilities rely on the fact that this community is greater than what it is.

Our community can only create a sustainable future for itself if it leaves nobody behind.  A community in which only an increasingly small proportion are able to enjoy the fruits of its labours is not a sustainable community, it is a community on the road to ruin; divided, unequal, unsustainable and doomed to failure.

My vision and dream for Mainland is that of a local government we can all be proud of. A local government that looks after it’s most vulnerable.  A place where what matters most to us is the spaces we share, and the people we share those spaces with.

A place where the transport system works for the people who live and work there, where there is access to quality healthcare. A local government that values our green spaces, but also builds homes that our people can afford to live in, in the numbers that are needed.

A local government that invests in people as well as places, providing a high quality education for all and offering the skills required to deliver the Mainland of the future.  A place that is safe and secure, productively engaging the young and also responsibly caring for the old and physically challenged.

Some of the changes this manifesto proposes will be quicker and easier to implement than others. Some will require collaboration with our neighbouring local authorities, some with the Private sector and Civil society organisations, and, most importantly, some will involve negotiation with the state and Federal government.

Above all, this manifesto requires a commitment to hard work and an unsurpassed dedication to this local government and its citizens.

I am committed to working hard but more importantly working smart, I have that dedication and emotional attachment to Lagos Mainland. Above all I believe I have the skills, and the ability, to deliver a better local government. Support Dayo Israel for a fairer, safer and more sustainable Mainland. 

‘There are three things I will do. Serve the people, serve the people and serve the people!’- Quote