Robust Local Economy, Business and Jobs

Unemployment is unacceptably high. Our plans for ensuring that a much greater portion of the populace find something dignifying to do for a living, are tied to our plans for informal and vocational education. Paradoxically, employers complain that those they do manage to employ have to be extensively retrained. This means that we are faced with an educational system that produces people who can neither be employed nor self-employed. Meanwhile, artisans like seamstresses, masons, carpenters and the like are frequently imported from our West African neighbours like Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Togo, who place much greater emphasis on skills acquisition. The orientation has to change.
While it is true that one out of four of our young people out of Job or unemployed, my administration will play a crucial role in boosting Lagos Mainland’s local economy, and stimulating the creation of local jobs. From promoting incentives that encourage Small & Medium-scaled Enterprises (SMEs), to using their purchasing power to help create jobs and growing local businesses, we will prove that there are local solutions to global problems.
We will also pursue policies that support the giant strides already being made by young Nigerians in the technology and entertainment sectors without government support. Our intervention will be in the area of providing the enabling environment that will support growth in these and other sectors. While nominating our constituent into employment in the Public/Civil Service and security agencies, we will also focus on Technology, Entertainment, Agriculture and Infrastructure Maintenance (roads, government buildings and other public installations). We will support our market men and women with service that will make them HAPPY.

‘I believe finding productive engagement for our people both young and old is the driving force of sustainable growth’- Quote

Among several other things, my administration will:
Transparently invest in infrastructure-led growth that provides the environment conducive to private sector investment that creates jobs in our Local Government.
Work with local businesses to identify and reduce their biggest challenges. This would include eliminating excessive bureaucracies and simplifying regulations, especially reviewing the levies rates and implementing tax holidays and tariff rebates for the survival of start-up companies in our LG.
Secure new investments through partnership with the private sector for sustainable development
Increase Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) by building international partnerships, encouraging trade exchanges etc through sister cities agreement and other profitable alliances. (This an area where we have a proven track record of success over the years.)
Transform our libraries, skill centres and other facilities to a local resource avenues for people who are unemployed, and looking for information on local jobs, training and/or job-seeking advice.
Help mobilise retraining opportunities for those who have lost their jobs. We will explore how further education and soft skills acquisition can better equip them in earning a livelihood.
Explore tourism strategies, visitor facilities and attractions, heritage, arts and sports tourism potential, and the regular cleaning and maintenance of streets and roadsides to ensure they are as attractive as possible.
Connect disadvantaged communities to the internet, by using facilities such as public libraries, clinics, skill centres and other government facilities to create Wi-Fi hotspot hubs. We will do this by partnering with the private and non-profit sectors to provide capped free data at universal hotspot, allowing all residents to access the internet
Publish an annual breakdown of how rates that are levied on business are spent, so that local businesses know they are getting value for money.
Turn mainland library into functional sites, co-working space and incubation centres for non-tech businesses.
Establish a Lagos Mainland Investment Company
Facilitates job placements for our constituent in organisations especially the FRSC, Police, VIO, NDA, Airforce and NSCDCC
Modernize all the major markets especially Oyingbo and Otto Market
Ensure our traders are supported by the administration through the adequate provision of what we’ve tagged ‘Asejere Loans’
Place our elderly skilled constituent interested in continuous employment in relevant job opportunities
Create a policy that any major projects in our community must engage our resident in their workforce on such project
We will develop strategic partnership with enterprise development institutions to build enterprise skills of our resident
Help our resident access funding interventions available locally and internationally including federal government funding and loans/grant through the creations of a Business Support Office in the LG that also help our residents in their application process
Place our resident in Learning to Earn programs in partnership with private sector organisations to get engaged and be exposed to current trend
Link our traders to wholesale opportunities with manufacturers
Link our market Men and women directly to farmers and provide transport support for their produce where possible.
Through private sector support provide cold rooms for our fish sellers in Makoko area to preserve unsold fish instead of thrashing them due to lack of proper storage and refrigeration