Health and Wellbeing

“Health is Wealth” they say, and the prosperity of a people is a function of how healthy they are physically and mentally. Improving the quality of our primary health care delivery at our Primary Health Center will be a major priority.

We will as a matter of priority

  • Refurbish and Upgrade our Primary Health care centres while also equipping them with resource to meet the healthcare needs of our community
  • Improve quality of health care delivery at the Mainland Health Center and all our primary health care center
  • Introduce fitness centre in our community
  • Conduct Regular health awareness seminars
  • Introduce a women cancer, HIV/Aids, and early childhood intervention program
  • Furnishing the local clinics with modern equipment
  • Providing free annual wellness check-up program for all.
  • Create a “ health information team” and monthly health education seminars in all the local clinics
  • Organise free quarterly health fair in the community offering free basic medical support and surgery
  • Provide access to treated nets in partnership with UN agencies
  • Introduce sexual education programs in our schools in partnership with CSO
  • Train our medical professional for optimal performance