Education, Learning and Skills Development

Education is no doubt a major factor in economic development as it is known that knowledge, information and human capital are the main assets of advanced nations. There is an urgent need to transform Lagos Mainland into a highly enlightened learning society. The formal education sector can only thrive when it is supported and reinforced by an environment that appreciates the importance of information and knowledge, and actively promotes their application in order to improve the quality of life. So far, education has not had a sufficiently significant impact on life in general, as the approach tends to promote learning. We will pay attention to both formal and informal/civic education.
We will make available a community library and communication, information and Technology (ICT) centre to keep young people abreast of the demands of ICT. Free summer classes would be provided each year for our students. We will set up a 21st century-compliant Arts and crafts centre for our young people in my bid to raise entrepreneurs whose businesses will provide job opportunities in and for the LGA.
Our reforms in our local education sector will include ensuring that the content of education, whether formal or informal, and irrespective of field of study, will engender critical thinking as well as the spirit of enterprise. The huge investment the Lagos State Government makes in education must reflect in our Local Government and make the products of our educational institutions competitive on the global, excellence-driven market. As a result, in collaboration with the State Government and other partners, we will work to ensure that our young people are literate, numerate and possess critical thinking skills and other soft skills.
‘I see education as an ongoing creative process in which various faculties, skills and abilities of our people are harnessed to maximise their potential’. – Quote
Among other things, we will:
Teach our people how to fish rather than just give them fish
Facilitate access to opportunities for Mainlanders who would like to work while studying in order to gain experience, while also meeting their needs and sustaining their living. We will engage establishments – industries, firms, companies etc on our soil in the Mainland and across the State to absorb some of our young interns.
Sponsor trainings and refreshing courses for teachers to enhance their performances and keep them in tune with modern trends in education
Pay special attention to early childhood care and education and the primary school, and will ensure seamless transition between the two. (Our focus will be on building self-confidence, the development of social skills, strengthening attention span and the ability to focus, and on promoting creativity, literacy and critical thinking)
Re-invent the role of teacher. (The teacher is not just the individual in a classroom but anyone who is responsible for contributing to the achievements of educational policy. Farmers, technical workers and artists are all teachers and should be so regarded by the local government.) We will strengthen community participation via a proven model to improve quality, relevance and responsiveness and to support educational achievement for all at the school level.
Refurbish and Upgrade our Public Primary Schools while facilitating similar supports to public secondary schools in our local government.
Furnish our school libraries and local libraries with books, computer and materials to enable them become real resource centres for our students.
Facilitate elaborate and result oriented Local Education Forum to foster discussion between local representatives, school management, parents and council management, and to plan effectively for the needs of schools in the local government.
Support learning diversity, lifelong learning, as well as general knowledge about our people, history and culture.
Assist in promoting character-based education, ethnic and religious tolerance ethics and strengthening the work ethic through value-based programmes.
Partner with NGOs and donor agencies working on remedial literacy programmes.
Provide scholarships to our best primary schools to further their education in secondary schools
We will award scholarships to some of our best secondary student and prepare them with extra classes and support to enable them qualify for other local and international scholarships
Encourage reading as a pastime and project a good reading culture in the eyes of young people by creating an infrastructure of support such as community-based libraries in association with relevant agencies of technology to provide training opportunities for local authority employees, to help equip them for their roles in public service delivery.
Revamp our Skill Centres and Launch “Skill for Mainlanders” to ensure all mainlanders have the opportunity to train in the skills that our economy needs
Offer entrepreueral training and development to make our youth business owners
Ensure continuous training of our teachers through our “Teach the Teachers” program
Create conducive learning environment in our primary and secondary schools
Provide access to educational and vocational materials
Help trained skilled workers access funds and equipment to work
Set up a central Incubation Center in the LG
Transform and remodel the Mainland Library to an E – Learning and Resource Center
Introduce Mentorship and Internship Program for Youths and Students
Create After School Clubs
Give students access to writing materials and educations resource
Input into the Curriculum of our primary schools subjects that will help us build the mainland of the future e.g. civic education, languages and enterprise
Create local crèche especially in market areas for mothers to engage their children while seeking livelihood.
Introduce a Local Government Child protection policy
Train our market men and women on packaging, branding and ecommerce skills to enable them take advantage of the current opportunities digital media provides.
Introduce Youth exchange programs for promising Mainlanders
Build a centralized mid-size computer lab to enhance students’ technological ability

Overall we will build skills employers want and groom the next generation of entreprenuers.