Environment and Public Works

Rapid urbanisation, expanding industrialisation and ever-growing consumerism, along with global warming and rising sea levels have brought serious environmental challenges. Much of this has impacted negatively on our communities. We will make pragmatic efforts to reverse this condition at the local level, at least in Lagos Mainland.

‘I believe in development but I believe more in a sustainable development that protects the environment and secures the future’ – Quote

Among other things we will:

  • Reintroduce the “Wole Wole” health officers to enforce our health bye laws and make recommendations to make our community healthier
  • Ensure prompt and regular remediation of our roads through effective and coordinating relationship with the state department of public works
  • Introduce an efficient and profitable recycling program
  • Ensure regular clearing of our drainage to avoid flooding and health
  • Explore Waste to Energy potential of our local government to ensure we can provide uninterrupted power supply for our public institutions and relevant sites in our local government
  • Work with the State Government in the Administration of Waste and recycling of same to generate resources and energy for our local community
  • Improve the quality of public works through a non-bias and skill based contract awarding policy. We will cut down on huge expenses by constantly fixing potholes and maintaining our roads all year round.
  • Promote a healthy environment through a more effective sanitation and sewage system
  • Promote maintenance culture through a sustained system of refurbishing public infrastructures.
  • Pursue the restoration of areas that have been damaged by poor and dangerous practices of development and strengthen community-based environmental projects.
  • Promote programmes on environmental awareness and partner with corporate organisations and the State Government to transform and beautify our environment.
  • Partner with the state and private sector for an effective waste management and recycling system for a greener ad cleaner mainland while also generating jobs and revenue.
  • Implement a programme for the treatment of waste/dirty water which will produce water for use in industrial plants and for agricultural irrigation.
  • Strongly enforce existing legislation on environmental crime, such as illegal dumping and graffiti.
  • Ensure better waste disposal systems like provision of bins in strategic places for easier compliance with cleanliness and sanitation, as well as regular evacuation of same.
  • Build parks, gardens and other recreation site in our local government
  • Facilitate development and reforming of our scrap business sector