Welfare and Social Services

A Dayo Israel led Local Government administration will seek to be all-inclusive, working to ensure that no section of our population feels excluded from participating in the life of the society or enjoying the benefits which should be for all. Under our administration, the dignity of all human beings will be upheld and defended.

Policies and programmes will take gender perspectives into consideration. Women must be protected by law from all forms of exploitation and violence as well as from all socio-cultural practices which rob them of their dignity.

All children will be protected from exploitation through increased support to all agencies working in our domain. Our administration will work to ensure that no Lagos Mainland Child is trafficked: that the years of mandatory schooling are adhered to; and that all our children are given the opportunity of a safe and happy childhood.

Among other things, we will,

  • Introduce an affordable housing program for our constituent
  • Establish portable water system supply channels in different communities where there are none and revamp existing ones for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Renovate Evans Square and transform it to a major resource and event hub that can generate resources for our Local Government.
  • Enhance the existing power supply and create more