Responsive Governance

I believe a good government is one that is responsive to the needs and concerns of the people it serves. We are poised to run an all-inclusive government, where you speak and we listen. We will work with the community to find solutions to the challenges we face and from them create new opportunities.


Transparency and Accountability

I believe in a government accountable to the people it serves. We will ensure transparency in in the use of government funds. We will provide periodical reports of all spending



I believe that for the needs and demands of our people to be met, the principle of people’s participation must be promoted in every area of the political process as the government alone can’t have all the answers. For example if a community development programme is to be drafted, this must be done with the involvement of all sectors of the community along with planners.


Community Spirit

I believe in community, I believe we do better together. My administration will foster unity in our community. We will be our brother’s keeper, looking out for each other and have a common value of shared prosperity.


Social Care


Although we want to support people to remain independent as long as possible, many people like the old and physically challenged will always need support. I believe in a care system that is robust, transparent and effective.