The core of my offer is a focus on the following


  • Robust Local Economy, Business and Jobs
  • Education, Learning and Skills Development
  • Accountable and Quality Service Delivery
  • Qualitative Health Care and Total Wellbeing
  • Strengthened Local Safety and Security
  • Welfare  and Social Service
  • Children Youth and Gender Development
  • Environment and Public Works
  • Creativity, Arts and Culture
  • Sport for Development
  • Vulnerable and Elderly Sub-Population
  • Hospitality and Social Lifestyle Face-lift


We will achieve this through:


Sustainable, Organised, Accountable and Responsive Governance


  • Civic Engagement and Inclusive Governance
  • Innovation in IGR
  • Innovative Leadership
  • Organisational Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Partnerships


Robust Local Economy, Business and Jobs

Unemployment is unacceptably high. Our plans for ensuring that a much greater portion of the populace find something dignifying to do for a living, are tied to our plans for informal and vocational education. Paradoxically, employers complain that those they do manage to employ have to be extensively retrained. This means that we are faced with an educational system that produces people who can neither be employed nor self-employed. Meanwhile, artisans like seamstresses, masons, carpenters and the like are frequently imported from our West African neighbours like Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Togo, who place much greater emphasis on skills acquisition. The orientation has to change.

While it is true that one out of four of our young people out of Job or unemployed, my administration will play a crucial role in boosting Lagos Mainland’s local economy, and stimulating the creation of local jobs. From promoting incentives that encourage Small & Medium-scaled Enterprises (SMEs), to using their purchasing power to help create jobs and growing local businesses, we will prove that there are local solutions to global problems.

We will also pursue policies that support the giant strides already being made by young Nigerians in the technology and entertainment sectors without government support. Our intervention will be in the area of providing the enabling environment that will support growth in these and other sectors. While nominating our constituent into employment in the Public/Civil Service and security agencies, we will also focus on Technology, Entertainment, Agriculture and Infrastructure Maintenance (roads, government buildings and other public installations). We will support our market men and women with service that will make them HAPPY.


‘I believe finding productive engagement for our people both young and old is the driving force of sustainable growth’- Quote


Among several other things, my administration will:

  • Transparently invest in infrastructure-led growth that provides the environment conducive to private sector investment that creates jobs in our Local Government.
  • Work with local businesses to identify and reduce their biggest challenges. This would include eliminating excessive bureaucracies and simplifying regulations, especially reviewing the levies rates and implementing tax holidays and tariff rebates for the survival of start-up companies in our LG.
  • Secure new investments through partnership with the private sector for sustainable development
  • Increase Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) by building international partnerships, encouraging trade exchanges etc through sister cities agreement and other profitable alliances. (This an area where we have a proven track record of success over the years.)
  • Transform our libraries, skill centres and other facilities to a local resource avenues for people who are unemployed, and looking for information on local jobs, training and/or job-seeking advice.
  • Help mobilise retraining opportunities for those who have lost their jobs. We will explore how further education and soft skills acquisition can better equip them in earning a livelihood.
  • Explore tourism strategies, visitor facilities and attractions, heritage, arts and sports tourism potential, and the regular cleaning and maintenance of streets and roadsides to ensure they are as attractive as possible.
  • Connect disadvantaged communities to the internet, by using facilities such as public libraries, clinics, skill centres and other government facilities to create Wi-Fi hotspot hubs. We will do this by partnering with the private and non-profit sectors to provide capped free data at universal hotspot, allowing all residents to access the internet
  • Publish an annual breakdown of how rates that are levied on business are spent, so that local businesses know they are getting value for money.
  • Turn mainland library into functional sites, co-working space and incubation centres for non-tech businesses.  
  • Establish a Lagos Mainland Investment Company
  • Facilitates job placements for our constituent in organisations especially the FRSC, Police, VIO, NDA, Airforce and NSCDCC
  • Modernize all the major markets especially Oyingbo and Otto Market
  • Ensure our traders are supported by the administration through the adequate provision of what we’ve tagged ‘Asejere Loans’
  • Place our elderly skilled constituent interested in continuous employment in relevant job opportunities
  • Create a policy that any major projects in our community must engage our resident in their workforce on such project
  • We will develop strategic partnership with enterprise development institutions to build enterprise skills of our resident
  • Help our resident access funding interventions available locally and internationally including federal government funding and loans/grant through the creations of a Business Support Office in the LG that also help our residents in their application process
  • Place our resident in Learning to Earn programs in partnership with private sector organisations to get engaged and be exposed to current trend
  • Link our traders to wholesale opportunities with manufacturers
  • Link our market Men and women directly to farmers and provide transport support for their produce where possible.
  • Through private sector support provide cold rooms for our fish sellers in Makoko area to preserve unsold fish instead of thrashing them due to lack of proper storage and refrigeration


Education, Learning and Skills Development

Education is no doubt a major factor in economic development as it is known that knowledge, information and human capital are the main assets of advanced nations. There is an urgent need to transform Lagos Mainland into a highly enlightened learning society. The formal education sector can only thrive when it is supported and reinforced by an environment that appreciates the importance of information and knowledge, and actively promotes their application in order to improve the quality of life. So far, education has not had a sufficiently significant impact on life in general, as the approach tends to promote learning.  We will pay attention to both formal and informal/civic education.

We will make available a community library and communication, information and Technology (ICT) centre to keep young people abreast of the demands of ICT.  Free summer classes would be provided each year for our students. We will set up a 21st century-compliant Arts and crafts centre for our young people in my bid to raise entrepreneurs whose businesses will provide job opportunities in and for the LGA.

Our reforms in our local education sector will include ensuring that the content of education, whether formal or informal, and irrespective of field of study, will engender critical thinking as well as the spirit of enterprise. The huge investment the Lagos State Government makes in education must reflect in our Local Government and make the products of our educational institutions competitive on the global, excellence-driven market. As a result, in collaboration with the State Government and other partners, we will work to ensure that our young people are literate, numerate and possess critical thinking skills and other soft skills.

‘I see education as an ongoing creative process in which various faculties, skills and abilities of our people are harnessed to maximise their potential’. – Quote

Among other things, we will:

  • Teach our people how to fish rather than just give them fish
  • Facilitate access to opportunities for Mainlanders who would like to work while studying in order to gain experience, while also meeting their needs and sustaining their living. We will engage establishments – industries, firms, companies etc on our soil in the Mainland and across the State to absorb some of our young interns.
  • Sponsor trainings and refreshing courses for teachers to enhance their performances and keep them in tune with modern trends in education
  • Pay special attention to early childhood care and education and the primary school, and will ensure seamless transition between the two.  (Our focus will be on building self-confidence, the development of social skills, strengthening attention span and the ability to focus, and on promoting creativity, literacy and critical thinking)
  • Re-invent the role of teacher. (The teacher is not just the individual in a classroom but anyone who is responsible for contributing to the achievements of educational policy. Farmers, technical workers and artists are all teachers and should be so regarded by the local government.) We will strengthen community participation via a proven model to improve quality, relevance and responsiveness and to support educational achievement for all at the school level.
  • Refurbish and Upgrade our Public Primary Schools while facilitating similar supports to public secondary schools in our local government.
  • Furnish our school libraries and local libraries with books, computer and materials to enable them become real resource centres for our students.
  • Facilitate elaborate and result oriented Local Education Forum to foster discussion between local representatives, school management, parents and council management, and to plan effectively for the needs of schools in the local government.
  • Support learning diversity, lifelong learning, as well as general knowledge about our people, history and culture.
  • Assist in promoting character-based education, ethnic and religious tolerance ethics and strengthening the work ethic through value-based programmes.
  • Partner with NGOs and donor agencies working on remedial literacy programmes.
  • Provide scholarships to our best primary schools to further their education in secondary schools
  • We will award scholarships to some of our best secondary student and prepare them with extra classes and support to enable them qualify for other local and international scholarships
  • Encourage reading as a pastime and project a good reading culture in the eyes of young people by creating an infrastructure of support such as community-based libraries in association with relevant agencies of technology to provide training opportunities for local authority employees, to help equip them for their roles in public service delivery.
  • Revamp our Skill Centres and Launch “Skill for Mainlanders” to ensure all mainlanders have the opportunity to train in the skills that our economy needs
  • Offer entrepreueral training and development to make our youth business owners
  • Ensure continuous training of our teachers through our “Teach the Teachers” program
  • Create conducive learning environment in our primary and secondary schools
  • Provide access to educational and vocational materials
  • Help trained skilled workers access funds and equipment to work
  • Set up a central Incubation Center in the LG
  • Transform and remodel the Mainland Library to an E – Learning and Resource Center
  • Introduce Mentorship and Internship Program for Youths and Students
  • Create After School Clubs
  • Give students access to writing materials and educations resource
  • Input into the Curriculum of our primary schools subjects that will help us build the mainland of the future e.g. civic education, languages and enterprise
  • Create local crèche especially in market areas for mothers to engage their children while seeking livelihood.
  • Introduce a Local Government Child protection policy
  • Train our market men and women on packaging, branding and ecommerce skills to enable them take advantage of the current opportunities digital media provides.
  • Introduce Youth exchange programs for promising Mainlanders
  • Build a centralized mid-size computer lab to enhance students’ technological ability


Overall we will build skills employers want and groom the next generation of entreprenuers.


Accountable and Quality Service Delivery

We are poised to lead the way in providing transparent, accountable and quality services to all our constituents. We will manage government spending well, introduce corporate discipline, innovation, capacity building to governance and find innovative solutions to the challenges we face, as well as ensuring that resources go to those that need them most.

‘I believe anything worth doing at all is worth doing well’- Quote

Among other things we will:

  • Establish a working and reliable communication media between the local authority and the people, thereby having an effective system to process public complaints and to report corruption.
  • Appoint all government staff fairly, based on the value that they add and provisions of the law
  • Open up Council meetings.
  • Establish and maintain inclusive community amenities and spaces.
  • Ensure that planning and zoning considers the integration of different communities and income levels.

Local Security, Safety and Wellbeing

Providing security and welfare to citizens is the primary responsibility of every government. People in the Mainland need to be healthy, feel safe and secure in the places they work or call home. This is central to peaceful cohabitation and development of the local economy. To do this, we will collaborate and innovate to make crime-ridden and deprived communities safer, and our people healthier.

Our Administration will tackle crime at the local level and improve the security of lives and property through the consistent pursuit of economic and social policies that generate employment, foster cohesive communities, and stabilize families.

‘I believe that the emphasis and policy of government should be placed on the prevention of crime rather than the punishment of offenders.’- Quote

Among other things we will

  • Put in place the necessary mechanisms to promote a proper working relationship between Local Government, the police and the communities to ensure the further involvement of the people in the protection of their communities.
  • Inject and popularise a different and holistic concept of local security that lays more emphasis on economic, financial, social, emotional, physiological and spiritual security.
  • Work assiduously at the community level to create those conditions which will facilitate the realisation of national security i.e. the creation of a society based on the view that the full development of man is the main purpose of life.
  • Rehabilitate and productively engage the unemployed and vulnerable people commonly referred to as Area Boys.
  • Take away from the street every mentally and physically challenged destitute. We will provide medical support for them, rehabilitate and re-integrate them into the society in partnership with existing government institutions.
  • Prevent the development of anti-social behaviour ‘black spots’ by providing safe and well-lit public space and provide appropriate maintenance for the Governor’s Operation Light up Lagos programme.
  • Work with the state governments to increase access to drug and alcohol addiction treatment programmes to increase access to treatment options available.
  • Enable local authorities and CDAs to play a role in community mediation to resolve disputes between neighbours before they escalate.  
  • Ensure the effective enforcement of Council bye-laws that relate to anti-social behaviour.
  • Launch a Lagos Mainland Security Stakeholders Advisory Council that meets quarterly to review the security situation in the LG and make recommendations for the LG with the support of the State Government to implement.
  • Donate equipment’s such as generators, computers etc to our police, fire service and other health and safety agencies while also working with their leadership to ensure regular maintenance and management of the equipment’s.
  • Improve the capacity of our local security groups such as the OPCs and Neighbourhood watch to ensure they also contribute their quote to tackling unrest and crime in our community, complementing the effort of the police.
  • Introduce personal security training and awareness for residents
  • Launch a Know your neighbour campaign
  • Donate fire extinguisher to all major markets
  • Utilize our youth to enhance the safety of our constituents


Overall we will tackle crime at the local level and improve the security of lives and property through the consistent pursuit of economic and social policies that generate employment, foster cohesive communities, and stabilize families.


Health and Wellbeing

“Health is Wealth” they say, and the prosperity of a people is a function of how healthy they are physically and mentally. Improving the quality of our primary health care delivery at our Primary Health Center will be a major priority.

We will as a matter of priority

  • Refurbish and Upgrade our Primary Health care centres while also equipping them with resource to meet the healthcare needs of our community
  • Improve quality of health care delivery at the Mainland Health Center and all our primary health care center
  • Introduce fitness centre in our community
  • Conduct Regular health awareness seminars
  • Introduce a women cancer, HIV/Aids, and early childhood intervention program
  • Furnishing the local clinics with modern equipment
  • Providing free annual wellness check-up program for all.
  • Create a “ health information team” and monthly health education seminars in all the local clinics
  • Organise free quarterly health fair in the community offering free basic medical support and surgery
  • Provide access to treated nets in partnership with UN agencies
  • Introduce sexual education programs in our schools in partnership with CSO
  • Train our medical professional for optimal performance


Environment and Public Works

Rapid urbanisation, expanding industrialisation and ever-growing consumerism, along with global warming and rising sea levels have brought serious environmental challenges. Much of this has impacted negatively on our communities. We will make pragmatic efforts to reverse this condition at the local level, at least in Lagos Mainland.

‘I believe in development but I believe more in a sustainable development that protects the environment and secures the future’ – Quote

Among other things we will:

  • Reintroduce the “Wole Wole” health officers to enforce our health bye laws and make recommendations to make our community healthier
  • Ensure prompt and regular remediation of our roads through effective and coordinating relationship with the state department of public works
  • Introduce an efficient and profitable recycling program
  • Ensure regular clearing of our drainage to avoid flooding and health
  • Explore Waste to Energy potential of our local government to ensure we can provide uninterrupted power supply for our public institutions and relevant sites in our local government
  • Work with the State Government in the Administration of Waste and recycling of same to generate resources and energy for our local community
  • Improve the quality of public works through a non-bias and skill based contract awarding policy. We will cut down on huge expenses by constantly fixing potholes and maintaining our roads all year round.
  • Promote a healthy environment through a more effective sanitation and sewage system
  • Promote maintenance culture through a sustained system of refurbishing public infrastructures.
  • Pursue the restoration of areas that have been damaged by poor and dangerous practices of development and strengthen community-based environmental projects.
  • Promote programmes on environmental awareness and partner with corporate organisations and the State Government to transform and beautify our environment.
  • Partner with the state and private sector for an effective waste management and recycling system for a greener ad cleaner mainland while also generating jobs and revenue.
  • Implement a programme for the treatment of waste/dirty water which will produce water for use in industrial plants and for agricultural irrigation.
  • Strongly enforce existing legislation on environmental crime, such as illegal dumping and graffiti.
  • Ensure better waste disposal systems like provision of bins in strategic places for easier compliance with cleanliness and sanitation, as well as regular evacuation of same.
  • Build parks, gardens and other recreation site in our local government
  • Facilitate development and reforming of our scrap business sector


Welfare and Social Services

A Dayo Israel led Local Government administration will seek to be all-inclusive, working to ensure that no section of our population feels excluded from participating in the life of the society or enjoying the benefits which should be for all. Under our administration, the dignity of all human beings will be upheld and defended.

Policies and programmes will take gender perspectives into consideration. Women must be protected by law from all forms of exploitation and violence as well as from all socio-cultural practices which rob them of their dignity.

All children will be protected from exploitation through increased support to all agencies working in our domain. Our administration will work to ensure that no Lagos Mainland Child is trafficked: that the years of mandatory schooling are adhered to; and that all our children are given the opportunity of a safe and happy childhood.

Among other things, we will,

  • Introduce an affordable housing program for our constituent
  • Establish portable water system supply channels in different communities where there are none and revamp existing ones for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Renovate Evans Square and transform it to a major resource and event hub that can generate resources for our Local Government.
  • Enhance the existing power supply and create more


Children, Youth and Gender Development

We will

  • Ensure the Protection and Participation rights of Children in our Local Government are respected
  • Launch a LM Children’s Parliament
  • Set a special volunteer task force to tackle truancy in the Local Government
  • Work with local NGOs and CSO to organise and host Youth Leadership development programs in our community to empower our budding population of young people.
  • Launch a Street to School program in partnership local NGOs to ensure our kids are off the street and in classrooms
  • Support Corpers posted to our local government with capacity building and skill development program


Creative, Art and Culture

We will

  • Turn Mainland into a hub for Brand Designers, Content Developers and Creative Talent
  • Establish a Lagos Mainland Film Academy to improve on the achievement of Odunfa Caucus
  • Support local carnival and festivals to promote community cohesion
  • Re-introduce street carnivals and inter street sport competition in partnership with the community
  • Connect young talents to mentors
  • Organise regular talent shows and competitions to identify, mentor and promote the talents in our community.
  • Support the organisation of local festivals and shows in the community such as street carnivals and concerts


Community Action Through Sport

We will introduce

  • Sports competition among schools
  • Facilitate donation of sport materials to our local clubs by international sport organisations and clubs
  • Debating/Drama competition
  • Different sports activities training to enhance skills
  • An annual “Governor’s Cup” soccer competition
  • Renovation of the okobaba football field beside the destitute home along The Third Mainland Bridge.
  • Programs that Seeks talents in all entertainment arenas and showcasing them to “the world”


Support for the Elderly and Pensioners


  • Provide monthly feeding support to the elderlies in our community
  • Elderly resource center for experience sharing, networking and social incubation with games
  • Work to ensure Local Government pensioners receive their pension on time and also get an opportunity to continue to contribute to the development of our community
  • Establish a Resource center for the elderly and pensioners in our community


Traditional Rulers

  • Ensure regular support and engagements of our traditional rulers