Fellow Mainlanders,

Lagos Mainland is blessed, but we deserve better.

Lagos Mainland gave me an opportunity for a good start, I spent my early years growing up on Kano Street, Jebba Street, Apapa road and Iponri. The Primary School I attended were Gloryville and Prime Day Spring Nursery and Primary School, then in Onike and now in Odunfa.

I started my preaching ministry on the coaster buses from Oyingbo to Costain/Obalende, and my first crusade was at our famous Evans Square in Old Yaba road, from which our now global ministry was birthed. I conceived my first NGO initiative at my Osholake resident, from which I travelled to the UN WSSD in 2002 and UNGASS in the same year; I have since then gone on to attend many other fora.

Gradually I saw our community deteriorate, many of my age mates getting pregnant before graduation, many dropping out of school due to extreme poverty. I had expected that things will improve but regular interaction with our community members have shown that these challenges remain.

I am burdened that if we do not act and do more, the next generation will miss out on the opportunities that our community gave me when I was growing up. For a young man with a lot of dreams and impact, Lagos Mainland is not where it should be. Although we are blessed with a lagoon, our Makoko community which has one of the best fish markets in Lagos is sadly synonymous with poverty. .

My mission is to restore opportunity, and in doing so protect and advance Mainland’s competitiveness and upgrade its status to a world-leading community of opportunity and creativity, contributing to the effort of my Governor H.E Akinwunmi Ambode in advancing our dear Lagos State.

My first priority will be to revamp our primary health care centres and primary schools. Health is wealth and without access to good basic healthcare, our lives will continue to be at risk. I will also tackle the housing crisis that rocks Lagos Mainland; we need to build more genuinely affordable homes for Mainlanders.

I’ll be the most pro-business Chairman yet. Not just because I’ve helped to run businesses, and understand the challenges of growing an enterprise, but because I know that a prosperous, growing economy is central to ensuring that our community remains a place of opportunity. Therefore, I’ll work with businesses to ensure that more Mainlanders have access to the skills they and our economy need.

I’ll also be the greenest Chairman ever, seeking to establish Mainland as a leader in low-carbon innovation and industry, cleaning up our dangerously polluted air, and setting out an ambitious long-term plan for clean energy in our community.

In addition, I will make Mainland safer and more secure, with a renewed focus on neighbourhood policing, action to tackle the spread of hooliganism, and fighting for the resources our police and fire services need. In doing so, I will keep the LMLG local government tax precept down, as far as possible.

With money so hard to have for so many Mainlanders, my promise is to keep council tax as low as possible without risking Mainlander’s safety.

Above all we will make sure our Local Government Secretariat listens to Mainlanders and involves them more directly in the decisions that affect our city.

I’ve got the experience, values and vision to put Mainland back on the right track.

I’ll be a Chairman for all Mainlanders.

My life has always been about creating opportunities for others and it is my hope that this platform will help me create more opportunities for more people.

Above all, my efforts will compliment that of our Action-Governor H.E Akinwunmi Ambode to take Lagos Higher.

Itesiwaju Eko ati Agbegbe wa, Lojemi Logun


Dayo Israel

Chairmanship Aspirant

Lagos Mainland Local Government